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  • Ediso Kahve Bardağı
  • Ediso Kahve Bardağı

We are ;

A white shoe firm which is a local coffee machine producer,

Innovative and emergent company,

Designing special products for both foreign and local market and providing technical support.

In addition to these, all of our products are licenced, secured by patent,

And also our brand name is registered.

About Us
  • Ediso Kahve Bardağı
  • Ediso Kahve Bardağı

Story of Coffee

Abdulkerim Efendi Türk Kahvesi

The story of coffee begins in 850 years, AC with the discovery of an Ethiopian cowman, named Kaldi realized that his goats come alive after eating this fruit.And then he decides to try eating this fruit. After he tastes it, he enjoys the happiness and power came from this fruit. The reputation of the coffee seed spreads quickly to the region. Coffee production begins in Yemen in 1000 AD. As soon as Ottoman Empire’s borders spanning towards Yemen, Ottoman meets coffee and bring it to today’s Turkey where it’s roasted on fire for the first time. The first coffee house is opened by Aldulkerim Effendi in 1550, in Istanbul.